Our Company

We have been involved in the cannabis industry since 2005. In 2008, we built a 10,000 square foot indoor cultivation facility and successfully operated it until 2016. We also built and operated three medical dispensaries in California between 2010 and 2014, which collectively averaged 900 patients per day. These successful operations were closed in anticipation of reopening under current cannabis regulations.

Our consulting practice has represented dozens of businesses in civic affairs, local permitting, and state licensing. Eleven of these companies have become qualified, legally operating cannabis operators in the State of California, six of which have engaged us to manage their operations.

We recently formed Emerald Spectrum Holdings to transition the main focus of our business from managing cannabis operations for third party investors to integrating those operations with others that we build or acquire to form a vertically-integrated cannabis organization.

We largely operate from the Central California Valley, a major agricultural center with a high concentration of small, economically-depressed towns with skilled, yet disadvantaged workforces.  These small municipalities have just begun to license cannabis operators, and we believe we can leverage these low-cost resources to both benefit the people of these communities and to produce high quality cannabis at among the lowest costs in the state.

Today we own, manage or participate in nine cannabis-zoned properties in California:

  • Cultivation/Extraction Project in Atwater, CA
  • Dispensary in the City of Fresno, CA
  • Five Dispensary/Delivery properties in Los Angeles
  • Dispensary/Delivery property in Porterville, CA
  • Transportation operation in San Luis Obispo County, CA